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Access Landlord Finance to Meet immediate Needs, Improve Tenant Living Standards and Reduce Carbon Emissions

Property Improvements

By investing in refurbishments and repairs, you can effectively enhance tenant living conditions and significantly boost your property's value. For example, by adding a new bathroom or redesigning the kitchen.

Improve Energy Efficiency

It's estimated that 2 out of 3 UK rental properties are energy inefficient, leading to excessive carbon emissions and high fuel costs for tenants. Obtain upfront funding to carry out retrofitting.

Additional Funding

Secure funds for investments, purchases, and personal needs. For example, landlords can pay for personal repairs, legal fees, holidays, taxes, childcare costs, and other financial obligations.

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Landlord finance to convert future Rental Income into Upfront cash

Frequently asked questions

Factored empowers landlords to unlock capital by selling their future rental income rights. Allowing landlords to meet their capital needs, elevate tenant living standards, and reduce carbon emissions from rental properties.

Factoring is a financial transaction that enables landlords to sell their future rental income in return for upfront cash. As a result, they can meet their immediate cash requirements and conveniently manage their payments through monthly installments. With increased available funds, landlords have the opportunity to invest in various ways to improve living conditions and reduce their carbon footprint. This includes initiatives such as retrofitting, undertaking refurbishments, covering service charges, maintenance and repairs and fulfilling tax obligations.

No Additional Debt:

Factoring is not a loan but a sale of rents receivable, ensuring landlords acquire immediate cash without incurring additional debt. As a result, financial liabilities to their balance sheet are avoided.

Enhanced Working Capital & Improved Cash Flow:

Factoring rent enables landlords to convert outstanding rental income into upfront cash, covering day-to-day operations and immediate financial commitments. Consequently, this flexible funding can address fundamental needs such as retrofitting, refurbishments, service charges, mortgage payments, tax obligations, and more.

Flexible Landlord Financing Option:

Factoring offers flexible financing compared to conventional bank loans or credit lines. This is because, the amount of funding correlates directly with monthly rent, allowing landlords to access more capital as their rental income grows. In other words, scalability accommodates changing financial requirements.

Inclusive Landlord Financing option
Factored caters to landlords facing challenges with traditional financing. For instance: landlords who have reached their borrowing limit against property value; encounter age-related mortgage restrictions; own unmortgageable properties (e.g., short leaseholds, flood-prone locations). In addition, they may face fixed mortgage periods, or experience reduced affordability due to dependents or income loss.
Landlord Finance with No Early Repayment Charges:

Landlords need their financing to be hassle-free! As such, Factored does not impose penalties for early repayment. In other words, landlords can repay the advance without incurring additional charges, offering flexibility and financial control. 


Factored caters to all landlords, especially those with properties rated D to G on the EPC scale. It also supports landlords with stable income who encounter financing challenges due to age restrictions, unmortgageable properties, existing personal loans, or changing circumstances, for example, welcoming a newborn.

Firstly upload the signed tenancy agreement and other relevant documents. For example, proof of address, government ID etc. Secondly, agree on the rent amount to sell. In other words, how much cash you want upfront, the repayment term and sign the Factored T&Cs.  Finally, you will receive a lump sum payment and allocate a portion of future monthly rent to the Factored account for the agreed repayment term.

Retrofitting and improving the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating are crucial for landlords. This is because these measures enhance energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, increase property desirability and market value. Additionally, it ensures compliance with legal requirements and tenant expectations.

Yes! This is because Factored is designed to accommodate all landlords. Whether you have a single rental property or a diverse portfolio, Factored offers a non-debt based, flexible financing solution based on your rental income.

Absolutely! This is because Factored can be used for various property-related expenses. For example: service charges, mortgage payments, tax obligations, refurbishments, repairs, or any other capital needs that landlords may have. 

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