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Factored is revolutionising how landlords manage cash flow, creating a win-win scenario for both landlords and renters.

Our Story

Factored was formed from a personal experience encountered by co-founder Ben Schuldenfrei. Looking to replace the single-glazing of his draughty Victorian terrace, and faced with a daunting £10,000 improvement bill, Ben was managing the expenses for a newborn child and found traditional banks uncooperative. This challenging situation sparked the idea for Factored.

Factored was created to allow landlords to access future rental income upfront, providing a financial lifeline for emergencies or property improvements. By enabling landlords to sell their future rent and receive immediate capital, Factored provides a viable way to refurbish and retrofit their properties without financial strain. This innovative solution transforms monthly rental income into immediate financial resources, addressing unexpected property issues and enhancing property value and tenant satisfaction.

 Factored is dedicated to making property management more efficient and less stressful for landlords everywhere.d

About The Founders


Ben Schuldenfrei

Before founding Factored, Ben was the COO of Lendingblock, a fintech lending startup. His career started in financial services consulting at Accenture and EY, where he advised clients on financial crime compliance across the United Kingdom, India, Malaysia and Singapore. Ben’s expertise in financial services and his passion for travel, skiing and cinema enrich his approach to business and innovation.

David Rabee

David’s journey in the tech and property industry began with his role at Yahoo. He was a crucial part of the founding team of Virtual Walkthrough, a UK-based property digital twin firm, which was acquired in 2016. David then served as a Director in the EMEA leadership team at Matterport, a Silicon Valley proptech company that achieved unicorn status and went public in 2021.

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